Redesign of Trello Sign Up Page

This small, but important project was created to show the importance of a carefully design Sign Up Page, it's effect and affect to customer's loyality.

As a result the new design is more attractive, colorful, well planned and Trello brand lookalike. It automatically boosts visitor impression and a conversion rate for a so much valued registration action.

Original design.

Redesigned page.

More than just a redesigned page.

The first, small, but one of the most important features are Breadcrumbs. Your visitor should know where he is and how to go back.

The space for additional product promotion is found and used in Page Heading and additional paragraph. Promote your product!

No password field! You can generate and send it with confirmation email. Let your already new customer change it later in Customer Profile. The benefits are clear: no time loss to create a password, no additional errors while creating a password = Profit!

It's just beautiful!


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