Corporate Website for the manufacturer.

This corporate website was designed for the manufacturer of galley equipment. The website is targeted to provide a detailed information about company products, events and marketing materials.

As a result the website provides a full information about Egret Aviation products, informs their partners about upcoming events, is easily manageable and renewable, fast, simple and comfortable to their business partners and future clients.


Ease of navigation, visual feedback and instant catalog view.

The website is highly structurised and gives an instant feedback to user with color of menu items and huge product introducing block and his unique color background.

You'll always know where you are!

Automatically scrolling products.

This simple but awesome feature allows client to easily navigate through catalog and see company's product images! And, ofcourse, they're clickable and go to the product page.


Full product catalog in one place.

You can send this wonderful page-catalog-link to your client or business partner! The page-catalog is generated and updated automatically, no need to make any actions at all. All in one place. Pure profit!


Impress your future client or partner sending them a "digital-brochure".


News page.

Clear. Simple. Informative. Automatic.


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